Mark Hendon Principal
Steve Daniels Deputy Principal
Lyn Clark Manager Corporate Services


Alicia Bennie,
Murray Boyne
Heather Chiffey
Krystal Coldham
Sarah Druitt
Jessica Ellis
Coral Halliley
Sarah House
Ricky King
Rebecca Laws
Mei Tze Lo
Kerrin Marginis
Kristie Poklepovich
Kirsten Sheard
Dean Sheffield
Amy Shanks
Marnie Woodley

Non-Teaching Support Staff

Amy Cornwaith Education Assistant
Sandhya Dinesh Education Assistant
Serene Edwards Education Assistant
Lorraine Fallon Education Assistant
Tiffany Wylde Education Assistant
Monique Herbst Education Assistant
Jacqueline Hosking Education Assistant
Louisse Marchetti Education Assistant
Nerelle McKinley AIEO
Van Nguyen Education Assistant
Premila Pereira Education Assistant
Laureen Harvey Education Assistant
Genevieve Stewart Education Assistant
Mary Baker School Officer
Rebecca Leigh School Officer


The school, originally situated in Fauntleroy Avenue in 1908 was rebuilt in its present location in 1955. Through its long history, Redcliffe Primary School is proud of its heritage and achievements.

Originally, the school was L shaped facing onto a large bitumen area with two netball courts and large parkland areas. The old Library was automated in 1995 and a computer laboratory was situated at one end of the library. This layout changed considerably with the Federal Government Grant implementation. A new library was built in 2008 and the old library operated as a classroom and Science Laboratory.

The Department of Education completed the building of an undercover area equipped with a canteen and sports store. The school canteen provides a teaching area for the Catering Program.

The school had an ex air-force hut which was used as a theatre for dance and drama. In 2015, the school library was moved and combined with a computer room to form an IT/Library hub. A new Performing Arts Theatre was created and Dance and Drama are now housed in an appropriate workspace.

School Values

At Redcliffe Primary School we believe that students have a holistic view of the world and its happening. They do not think in “subject” terms and this means that an integrated approach matches our understandings of the ways in which students learn and develop.

Integrated Curriculum is the linking of subject areas to provide meaningful learning experiences which develop skills and knowledge, while leading to an understanding of conceptual relationships. This is a very important concept for primary school students as it initiates the learning links across the curriculum.

The Integrated approach values and builds on prior knowledge and out of school experiences for students, allowing for the achievement of many outcomes from some or all learning areas in a single unit of work.
The curriculum becomes more manageable for teachers, bringing like ideas together and creating time for dedicated teaching in each learning area.

To this end we believe that an integrated approach provides students with a holistic approach to learning that helps them make connections between the different learning areas of the school.
Teachers are encouraged to explore and utilise effective teaching and learning strategies that will enhance student performance and learning outcomes.
The integrated curriculum gives students a greater sense of purpose in their day to day experiences at school, at home and in society.


Community Partnerships

During 2007-2010 the school developed strong relationships with Perth Airports, Bunnings, the Australian Business Community Network and Casuarina Prison. These partnerships have been very beneficial for students, the school and its community and led to many awards and benefits to students in the intervening years.

• District Annual Award in excellence and innovation for Best School Learning Environment
• The State ACHPER Annual Award for Best InclusiveSchool Practice presented by His Excellency Ken Michaels
• Winner of Banners in the Terrace, City Art Award
• Winner of 8 major awards in Rock Eisteddfod
• Dual State Winner of TravelSmart Award
• Presenter on ‘Education Innovation’ – Brian Caldwell iNet International Conference,Melbourne
• Represented WA schools as a Transformational Showcase School at International Conference in Melbourne
• Congratulatory letter from the City Mayor and Council for school innovation
• Letter of Recognition from three Ministers of Education
• The school won the “Schools First” Impact Award as a Partnership School.
• The school was presented on a Channel 7 program as an innovative and successful model of educational change
• The school won the “Schools First” State Award of $100,000 and represented WA in the Melbourne Finals
• Children’s Education Foundation Award for best practice in improving school attendance.
• State Nature Play Endorsement as an environmentally creative partner in Adventure Play
• Inspirational State and Territory Teaching Award in National Final, Sydney

School Resources

Our school buildings are fully air-conditioned school and bordered by extensive parklands and playing fields.

The Redcliffe Primary School consists of a large school oval, a beach volleyball court, soccer pitch, cricket pitch and two basketball/netball courts.

The school has a curtained stage, lighting and sound providing students with outstanding facilities in which to develop their talents in music, drama and dance.

The art room is fully resourced to cater for the teaching of Visual Arts, including specialty subjects such as Pottery, Printmaking and Sculpture.

The school also boasts a Mandarin language room where students are encapsulated in an environment that immerses them in the culture, including classes in Kung Fu.